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About us


we are Michela, Alessandro and Penelope Marily. Roger and Pluto live with us.

We are a cheerful family, we love animals, nature, art, good food and our territory. We like being with people, offering a coffee and having a chat with those who come to visit us, having dinner in the garden with friends, laughing, playing sports and meeting new people.

We love our territory and the doors of our home have always been open.

This is why in 2017 we decided to start this adventure, first renovating a delightful apartment in the oldest heart of Feltre and then sharing the villa in Pedavena, surrounded by the Feltre peaks, where we live.

They are two places of the heart, for us. We loved them immediately, we took care of them, renovating them, respecting their history and their ancient materials and, in the end, making them available to tourists who want to experience the Belluno area.

From here, your holiday is up to you.

You can climb and venture onto the peaks of Feltre, immerse yourself in the greenery of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, relax in the mountain refuges, reach the mountain huts or explore the meadows and villages without a destination. You can climb along the streets of the ancient village of Feltre, enter the artisan shops, try the typical local products and visit the locals’ places, sure of always finding a smile and a cheerful welcome.

Go, explore, we are waiting for you..